Senior Software Engineer (Backend/Python)
from 2 500 to 4 500 USD
NX Labs
San Francisco
Noa Technologies is advancing sustainable micro-mobility (bicycles and more) by developing the world's leading full-stack fleet management solution.

Company Culture
Noa values our supportive and collaborative environment where all of us learn continuously from each other. We are committed to finding the alignment between all of our team members' individual advancement and the advancement of the business so that everyone benefits. We're proud of the contribution we're making to global health and carbon emission reduction by making micro-mobility more accessible and cost-effective.

The Role
As a backend engineer at Noa, you will be at the forefront of building services to support IoT development in the micro-mobility market. You will contribute to and deploy world class technology used by some of the most successful companies in tech. As such, you will work closely with our hardware R & D team and frontend teams.

Innovate with other engineering teams to develop and deploy new iterations of the services that power our web and native apps. Provide data analysis support to troubleshoot and plan new services.

The position requires the following skills:
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent in experience with evidence of exceptional ability.
* At least 3 years of experience working on backend services in python
* Building json ReST APIs and microservices with Djang ReST Framework
* Strong experience connecting to SQL (Postgresql) backends, esp. AWS RDS
* Containers (docker, kubernetes)
* Deployment on Amazon AWS (ec2)

Additionally the following skills are helpful:
* Protobuf or other IoT to cloud bridge technologies
* AWS Lambda and Kinesis
* React/React Native frontend
* Big data e.g. BigQuery; and ML
* Data visualization

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